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Vanhome Properties Inc. focuses on delivering home living experiences that feel just right. Homes that simply meet your essential needs and give you peace of mind.


Building to meet your everyday needs

What we do is complex

What we do is complex. What we deliver must stand the test of time. Why we do it is simple. We want families living comfortably in homes that meet their needs. Everything that goes into one of our homes is carefully considered to have a purpose and reason.

From the beginning planning stages we are focused on what matters most. This ensures that in later stages all our efforts are where they need to be. The end result for you is a home that is reliably built that will meet your needs.

It is important for us at Vanhome Properties Inc. to respect the opinions and desires of our partners and homeowners because that is how we will earn their respect. By always listening we can thus provide excellent service.

How we meet the needs of a constantly changing world

Vanhome Properties is grounded in years of local and international experience with a team that is constantly evolving with modern advancements. Our commitment to research aligns with our passion for doing what is right. Our research, be it in new technologies and techniques, to the distinct needs of local communities and neighbourhoods, is done meticulously and with care so that we can set up the right expectations for all future decisions.

While there is constant change in the world from advancements in technology to trends in fashion there are certain things that will not change. Your home should give you peace of mind. Vanhome Properties’ strong emphasis on quality craftsmanship and dedication is how we earn the trust of homeowners and deliver them the peace of mind they desire.

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We are excited about our new projects in great neighbourhoods throughout the Lower Mainland. Each project has been carefully considered to seamlessly integrate with the surrounding area and add value to homeowners.

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